Driving me crazy

Three people nearly died today:

1. Myself, almost wrecked in a road collision when some reprobate came hurtling over a roundabout without checking his left flank.

2. My passenger, almost carried helplessly into an early grave by forces over which she had no control.

3. The aforementioned reprobate, almost size-12-Nike-Huarache’d to death by my-aforementioned-self’s raging right foot.

We then had the pleasure of following this twat for 10 miles as he swerved and jerked and sporadically braked his way along the road, wreaking havoc among all in his path. I’ve seen toddlers with crayons do a better job of staying inside the lines. And judging by the faded ‘Baby On Board’ sticker it would be safe to assume that he had too, if it weren’t for his apparent case of being blind as a bat with no eyes.

Also, no indications were given that day.

The shocking thing is, it’s not even a rare occurance. There’s load of them. How the hell are these people on the road?

It’s really not cool.


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